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    "The Town Crier gives me great customer service,
    and they highlight my business for a targeted market
    using their "Good News" format.  Advertising in their
    paper brought me immediate results and also excellent
    work candidates within a week of placing my "Help
    Wanted" ad.  They respond promptly, they run the
    information I give them, and most importantly they make
    the entire process so easy.  The Town Crier's  positive
    attitude toward our community benefits everyone."
Cheryllyn Tallman
Frosty's Ice Cream
New Hartford Shopping Center
12,000+ circulation
12 times per year
in the New Hartford area

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"I read every issue
of the Town Crier
from cover to cover...

It's the only local paper
I can say that about"
Lynda Cioni (New Hartford)
Sales Executive
Andi Dinerstein
Editor & Publisher
Kristi Zbytniewski
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We get your message
noticed in New Hartford
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July 2013

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