Membership Dues

The New Hartford Chamber of Commerce is dedicating to supporting our local business infrastructure along with improving our quality of life.  Your membership fee will help ensure that your Chamber of Commerce continues to provide training and seminars, networking opportunities, advocacy for ALL businesses and helps make New Hartford a great place to live and run a business.

Existing Members:

Your dues structure remains the same for 2017-18, but may change for 2018-19 depending on the location of your business, where the headquarters is located and how many employees you have.  CLICK HERE to create your website profile and pay your current dues.

First Time Members:

To determine your membership fee in The New Hartford Chamber, ask yourself 3 questions:

  1.  Is the business or organization located IN The Town of New Hartford, or outside?
  2.  Does the business owner or headquarters reside IN The Town of New Hartford, or outside?
  3.  How many employees? (1-9 or 10+)

Individual Members: $25/50